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Our platform Make3D allows you to get an instant price estimate for 3D prints within seconds. You tell us what you want printed and we connect you with the closest, most affordable local 3D printing service. With Make3D, you can be sure you are getting a fair deal and support your local maker community.

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There are loads of materials and colors available and if you can't find the exact combination you are looking for, you can always make a request and we will get back to you within 24h.t.

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Make3D is a platform that helps people connect with specialists who own and operate 3D printers. The vendors are tested on both technical skills and print quality before they are given access to the platform and they are also rated by the community. This way we can be sure you always get the best experience and the best print quality possible!

3D Printing Made Easy

Step 1 : Select your type of print and upload 3D Model

Choose what type of print you want FDM or SLA and the finish. Make sure your STL file is the correct size, resolution, and orientation before beginning a print.

No login required if you dont want. 

Step 2: Select the best offer 

You get a List of possible Printers which you can sort by Country , Price or Rating. You can put your selection into the basket. Pay or upload more files. 

but if you are not satisfied 

optional Step 3 : Play with Material and printers to find your best offer

Play with different material and color options in our guided mode or take control with our expert mode! 

If you really didnt find a solution please use the chat capability we are here to help