Privacy Policy

The 3d printing service arose from our ** Machatronik ** activity. The company is a sole proprietorship.
We take the responsibility we have for our customers’ data very seriously. We therefore naturally process your data on the basis of the statutory provisions (GDPR, DSG, and TKG 2003).
Before we inform you in detail about our data processing, we would like to explain some basic terms of data protection and our general handling of these topics.
Personal data are data that can be used to identify a natural person. Therefore, all data is personal that allows conclusions to be drawn about you as a person (in addition to your name, for example, your e-mail or billing address).
The ** purpose limitation ** is the central basic principle of data protection. This means that your data may only be processed for a specific purpose. In addition, they may only be processed for as long as this purpose exists. This means that data processing is only possible to a limited extent, both in terms of its basis and duration.
Data protection law is based on a principle of prohibition: the processing of personal data is fundamentally prohibited. The processing is only lawful if a permit is applied. Several legal bases can be considered for this: The legal bases that are most frequently used in practice are the performance of the contract, the consent, and the legitimate interest.
** Fulfillment of the contract: ** If the processing of your data is a prerequisite for the fulfillment of a concluded contract, we must be able to process this data. Even if you upload your digital drawing, you use our infrastructure and we must at least know your name and email address or a social login (Facebook, Google) for the assignment. If you have not made a request and have not made any payment, your data will be automatically deleted after 1 year. This automatism takes place automatically once a month.
If you have made inquiries to printer owners, we would only delete your data after 2 years.
If you have ordered and paid for something, the Austrian laws apply, which provide for a minimum retention period of 7 years.
If you want to have your data deleted earlier, we will be happy to do this for you in the first 2 cases.
Please send an email to